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Tour a Merzouga is a family business that organizes tours and activities to make your trip to Morocco an unforgettable experience. TAM has the best team of professional drivers and bilingual guides who are local Berbers who are very educated about the history of their motherland, with over ten years of experience in tourism and trip planning around Morocco. We provide comfortable, air-conditioned four-wheel drive vehicles and minibusses.


Tour a Merzouga This name comes from a nomadic family near the village of Merzouga. Still, behind the dunes of Merzouga before when there was a track we were nomads the time when there were no lights there was no water from the province the time the nomads neither light nor water from the notoriety the family moved every two years moving looking for water with sticks and then find a friend who lives in the village help me to make a travel agency because at the beginning start make trips in the desert do camel excursions because most of the tourists like to spend one or several nights in the desert to see starry nights in the sahara with the nomads to live the way they live the nomads at the beginning we start the camel excursions in the desert so with this name tour a Merzouga we call them to tour in Merzouga so we can start making tours to the desert from Marrakech and fez and Casablanca and Chefchaouen and Errachidia. Hence, we start the tours from imperial cities to the desert.

Our service

  • Morocco vacations with the finest quality at the lowest prices.
  • Top accommodation in the best locations throughout Morocco if you opt for the luxury trip option.
  • Always consider the customer’s safety and comfort.
  • Create a nice environment in which clients may relax and feel at ease.
  • To show you the authentic Morocco
  • Luxury air-conditioned transportation.
  • comfortable transportation & clean.
  • All of your queries and inquiries will be promptly answered.
  • To leave you with amazing memories of Morocco.
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